Monday, October 12, 2009

369 - Jim - Happy Halloween

( f/8 48mm 1/125 sec ISO 200 Nikon D300 )
I wanted to get some Halloween photos of the kids today. I set everything up, which is pretty difficult with the limited amount of space I have, and then Carol brought Nolan down. I didn't get a chance to balance all the lights, so I wasn't real happy with the results. This shot was one of the best of the bunch. I did some Photoshop work to white out the white muslin backdrop and then added the text on the pumpkin. This is Nolan's first Halloween, so we'll see how he likes to be dressed up like a dragon.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

368 - Jim - Ready for Bed

( f/5.6 56mm 1/125 sec ISO 200 Nikon D300 )
My whole family has been sick this week and I finally got to try out my ring flash. You can tell by the light spots in Jameson's eyes. I had a shoot through umbrella modifier on the flash which produced the larger white dot. The little black dot in the center is where my camera was. Jameson was actually up for pictures tonight and posed this way for me. Then he wanted to see the picture. He usually doesn't cooperate for pictures.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

367 - Jim - Smochko Wedding

( Nikon D300 )
If you followed this blog from the beginning, you will remember Matt. He didn't make it quite as far as I did with FotoEveryDay. If he had, it would have ended only 4 days before his wedding, which probably would have been rough. Anyways, I was able to attend his wedding on the Gateway Clipper and practice photography on him and his new wife Kelly. Here are the other shots I got from the wedding. Congratulations Matt and Kelly!

Friday, October 2, 2009

366 - Jim - Fake Rain

( f/11 70mm 1/125 sec ISO 200 Nikon D300 )
I wonder if anyone still looks at this blog to see if I post anymore... Anyways, I got Carol to let me take a photo of her hands with a light above and behind. I used a beauty dish to give a soft light, but also have the light fall off quickly. There was a Photoshop tutorial I watched and it inspired me to try it out. I had a blue monochromatic version of this, but liked the color version better. These Photoshop tutorials are awesome and I would really like to learn Photoshop better, so I will be watching more of them and maybe you will see some results here.