Monday, September 28, 2009

364/365 - Jim - Autumn Bouquet

( f/11 50mm 1/125 sec ISO 200 Nikon D300 )
We went out shopping tonight for a little while and Jameson and I decided to get mommy some flowers. Carol isn't into the regular flowers and has liked these Autumn type flowers in the past, so I was sure she would like these. I asked Jameson what he thought mommy would say. He said "Oh those are some nice flowers there Jameson and then I would say yes, they are." That made me laugh. He was very talkative today.


Courtney said...

I miss him! You should make more videos or download skype so we can video chat.
Nice flowers!

cyn said...

pretty flowers, good man Jim, Carol has been a little stressed lately, she probably really appreciated them.

Carol said...

I love what Jameson said! He's so sweet! The flowers were very nice!

joyce said...

The excited look on Jameson's face when he knew that he would give these flowers to his Mom was a picture in itself.

The flowers do look very nice in this photo.